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  1. Axles/Tires/Wheels For Sale
    Selling a set (4) of 42x15x17 Pit Bull Rockers. They are in good shape with very little rock rash. Very minor cuts or chunks. Beads are perfect with no tearing. They have never been punctured or repaired. I will not ship. I will consider delivery or meeting part way, if necessary. I would...
  2. Axles/Tires/Wheels For Sale
    I have for sale 4 42" Pitbull Rocker bias ply tires. The tires have 50% tread (I measured). One has been patched, but it is small and was done right and you can not even see it (I couldn't find it to take a picture). One has a single plug that has held air for 2 years. Other than that...
1-2 of 2 Results