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  1. International Harvester
    I have a 69 Scout 800 and a 2017 jeep trail hawk with a salvaged title do to front end damage. Body parts and minor frame damage only no suspension damage. Has anyone ever done a complete suspension swap from the trail hawk to the scout and or is it even possible.
  2. 5E863C05-7BB9-47EC-8721-0863E80F6054.jpeg

    Driver side transmission clearance panel in a Scout
  3. D6F02555-23FD-4735-8FA1-A824F69ADBC7.jpeg

    Transfer case clearance panel for International Scout
  4. Axles/Tires/Wheels For Sale
    Gently used but aging. They came off my 1979 International scout that had been sitting waiting on a new engine. They have a ton of tread.. almost like new. Some of the knobbies are still on the lettering. However, due to the age, I do not trust them on the road at high speeds. Great for...
  5. stuck

    I slid sideways off the trail and bashed in the body. Now the door doesn't work right.
  6. mini-Scout

    A chop I did with mspaint.
1-6 of 6 Results