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  1. Newbie General 4x4 Discussion
    Hi, I'd like to get everyone's opinion on a possible rear suspension modification (especially if you have had any experience with 2 to 5 ton trucks, 2wd or 4wd). This question is for a '69 one rear axle 2.5 ton 4x4 truck, leaf sprung. I once saw where someone was using shackles at both ends...
  2. Misc. Stuff For Sale
    Top of the line Rock Krawler X Factor Control Arms for Gladiator. Brand New, in boxes with mfg stickers. Never installed. Was going to try and get fancy & use these mid-length arms on my TJ. Decided not to get that custom yet so my loss is your gain. Much more expensive from RK...
    $1,350 USD
  3. Jeep - Hardcore Tech
    I am currently running a spooled Dana 44 out of a ‘79 f150 up front using the Ford radius arms. I am on coils up front but need to fix the coil buckets anyways. I figured if I am already changing those I might as well switch to coilovers and ditch the Ford setup for a three links. What would...
  4. International Harvester
    I have a 69 Scout 800 and a 2017 jeep trail hawk with a salvaged title do to front end damage. Body parts and minor frame damage only no suspension damage. Has anyone ever done a complete suspension swap from the trail hawk to the scout and or is it even possible.
  5. Misc. Stuff For Sale
    2 14" ORI Struts Good condition 1 ORI Level IT. Nearly brand new $1300 Chico Ca. Ready to ship. I will pay shipping.
  6. Jeep - Non Hardcore
    Did anyone have a tough time drilling the frame for the locator pins for the MORE rear shock mounts? I have used everything large and small even Carbide bits. I just tried my pneumatic die grinder and with new bits and it won't go through the frame either. Would really appreciate any advise...
  7. General 4x4 Discussion
    Ran across a video where the upper link on a three link went towards the back of the truck instead of the front. Pretty nice for packaging, but not sure how it would cycle. What do the link experts have to say about this?
  8. Newbie General 4x4 Discussion
    I’ve been trying to do some research on whether there’s lift kits to buy therefore I can install it myself or would it have to be a specialized lift kit at a local 4 wheel speciality garage? Thoughts?
  9. General 4x4 Discussion
    New Version of my 4-link Analyzer / Calculator Edit 28 December, 2008 Here is the link to the latest 4-link calculator w/ Vetteboy79's travel mod. http://mysite.verizon.net/triaged/files/4BarLinkV3.1d.zip Edit 13 April, 2006 Link to the 3-link + Panhard Bar calculator...
1-9 of 11 Results