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  1. Similian islands

    Similian islands

    Pure white beaches and the clearest water I've ever been diving in.
  2. Thai dancers

    Thai dancers

    Dancers in Thailand wearing traditional costumes
  3. Fishing Patong Bay

    Fishing Patong Bay

    Fishing in Patong Bay Thailand
  4. Patong Bay Fisherman

    Patong Bay Fisherman

    Fisherman in Patong Bay Thailand
  5. Starship


    Aboard the Star Clipper through Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia
  6. Brown Eagle

    Brown Eagle

    Brown Eagle of Asia
  7. James Bond Island

    James Bond Island

    Thailand, James Bond Island or Khao Phing Kan featured in The Man with the Golden Gun
  8. Thai nese dancer

    Thai nese dancer

    Thailand traditional dancer