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  1. Newbie General 4x4 Discussion
    Thoughts on a dc200 winch? Worth rebuilding?
  2. General 4x4 Discussion
    I was trying to get the specs on this winch and how good they were, and if it could be converted to 12 volt if it is worth the effort?
  3. Misc. Stuff For Sale
    I have a new Warn winch, 18,000 Lbs, 24 volts for sale. I have the fair lead roller, winch controller and snatch block included as well. I bought this on a govt surplus site years ago with but never found a use for it. Asking $500 firm. Located in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. PM me if you are...
  4. Tech
    Hello all, I've seen many people talk about this but haven't seen anyone go thru with it so I'll document my progress and any information that I learn. My plan involves a lot because I can never make up my mind on anything so I try to do it all. This will be a pto winch that has an electric...
1-4 of 4 Results