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  1. Motor/Tranny/T-Case Performance
    Hi, got a 94 f250 with 351w and zf5. Transmission makes a really loud noise like grinding when idling in neutral and while driving through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear and it goes away once you get to 4th. The noise just gets louder as the truck accelerates till 4th when it goes away. Noise also goes...
  2. Ford
    Hello, I am looking to purchase a zf5 with the high torque rating for a 5.8 Ford. I also want the transfer case and everything associated with the swap less the peddles. I am located in Florida so if you’re in the state that is awesome! If not and you would be willing to freight ship it please...
  3. Wanted!
    Hey y’all! I am looking to swap out my old 4 speed in my ‘65 F100 4x4 with the 5 speed zf5. I would love to find the entire package I.e. the transmission, transfer case, and all necessary things to do the complete swap. If you can help me out and are in Florida or willing to ship please get in...
1-4 of 4 Results