My WICKED set of Steering Articles


Article #1 - Research All the research, theory, part numbers, applications, pics and links you need to design your own custom Hy Steer steering, or just to decide what to buy
Article #2 - My Steering Version 1 See me make D44 steering arms, fab linkage, and give details on tubing sizes, rod ends, and more.  Also see what didn't work.
Article #3 - My Steering Version 2 See me butcher things.  Version 1 didn't work perfectly so I made it worse.  A lesson in what NOT to do
Article #4 - My Steering Version 3 From bad to worse - see me bend and brake this poor design.  More of what didn't work
Article #5 - My Steering Version 4 See me figure it all out, actually build something that works and return to good old fashioned Tie Rod Ends
Article #6 - My Hybrid axle See how I created a Hybrid D30 / D44 front axle in my Jeep to retain the high pinion high clearance RR D30, the $$ I had invested in gears and locker, but add D44 outers for manual lockouts, bigger brakes and ball joints, and Hy Steer custom crossover steering.
Acknowledgements:  This kind of hard core back yard built guerilla tech doesn't come easy.  It took dozens of hours of research and planning (OK - a couple anyway), and most importantly took the expert and generous help of the following individuals:
Paul Weitlauf John Nutter Charly H8Monday Jeff Ayers Coby Hughy
Steven J Meyer Ron Hollatz Erik Bibelheimer Old Scout Doc Nickel Ant
u2slow azk5 jeepgod Eric

And all the rest of the gang at POR, NAXJA, MADXJ, XJDigest, and JPOR



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