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03 QC V10 Capable Any Road Capable

I'll start with the basics. I bought the truck with a no name lift, when I get pics posted maybe you all can help me tell what brand. I estimate the lift is roughly 6-8" given the angle of the front control arms and clearance of 37x12.5x17.

My ultimate goal is to create something extremely capable regardless the conditions, I live with snow and have intentions of traveling with it to Alaska and back which include BLM camping when possible (I know long trip). So I want to bring the truck down in height, lock it front and rear, upgrade to 4.88 gears, upgrade the steering, upgrade the shocks and add hmmv wheels and tires.

I have had two lifted Gen 2 rams and the long arm conversion with shackle reversal I did to one was the best upgrades to suspension I've ever made.
1. I am thinking custom long arms with Johnny joints on the axle side. I have access to steel and equipment to make them, both welding and bending the bottom to clear (if necessary). I like the idea of using the factory mounts but making the arms longer to push the axle forward 1-2" to help clearance of the tires.
2. Steering box brace, new steering (just for longevity and to alleviate the posssibility of problems)
3. When the axles are open I am thinking Eaton Tru-Trac front and rear followed with 4.88 gears (currently has 4.10 factory and I want to stay in the 37" tire range so I debate gears at all considering I am not completely made of money)
4. Tires and wheels from TrailworthyFab

Now the reason behind the post...What are your opinions? I want to see if my idea is completely crazy or just a little crazy. No I don't mean the trip I mean the truck upgrades.

Also I will upload pics soon as I can.
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