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03 Taco quad cab, drivers window quits randomly?

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Hey all,

Thought I'd ask here too... 03 Taco quad cab, the front ds window will just stop working... the other three work fine, but that one will quit randomly mid stroke... or it might not even work at all. Might shut the truck down and when I fire it back up it'll work fine. Completely random. May work fine for 2 months and then one day it'll just lock up... next time I get in it'll work fine. Was thinking that the only unique thing is the auto down on that window... although I'm not sure how that feature works... or is there a relay that I haven't found yet... or ???

Anyone have any thoughts or seen this behavior before?


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Clean and lube the tracks and all the friction points as well as moving parts.
White lithium grease works pretty good.
I wouldn’t use that on the rubbers tho, it attracts dust, sili glide is better. That’s the stuff the dept of forestry has us use on all of their seals and such .
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Clean the switches with a can of contact cleaner. You'd be amazed what makes it in those little cracks and fucks the contact pads up. Betcha a bit of sand or a sandwich crumb is stuck under there and moving around and making it work on and off. Had the issue with all my off road trucks with power windows. Wife's car rear window switches have the same thing happen....kids snack crumbs and dirt from playgrounds get in them....
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Thank about it. That door is always used the most. Also it always goes one way stops abruptly, slammed. It is probably a loose connection because of the one way force it always sees. If you could slam it open the other direction, it would probably start working again.
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