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I blew up my 2.4L TJ and swapped in a 94 ZJ 4.0. Im using OBD2 97 XJ ecu, harness, throttle body and fuel rail. Im using an early internal slave AX15, Flywheel and clutch that I believe is from a Renix XJ. Im getting fuel to the rail and the engine cranks fine but I think im getting no spark. Ive done a ton of research and some say the renix flywheel will not work with 97 CPS. Some also say splicing the renix CPS into my harness won't work either because it reads a different signal.

Im trying to avoid removing the transmission and swapping flywheels, is there any way I can make this work, is the information I found correct? Isnt there a way to mount the cos to the harmoic balancer?

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