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94 JGCLimited For Sale

I'm selling the green Jeep(1J4GZ78Y6RC112766). It's got about 140,000mi on it and Im the second owner from 24,550mi. The car has been well maintained.

Replaced.... trannie cooler, 2 radiators, water pump, complete rebuildt transmission with about 30,000mi on it, Transfer case NV 242 selectract from Transfer Cases Unlimited with less than 20,000mi on it. Drivers side door (hinge attachment wore out, no accident) New serpentine belt this june or july. Motor vac'ed 3/04

Mods... Kolak ignition upgrade, FIPK intake, stillen cross drilled rotors x4, husky front floor mats, rear gear cover, extra 2 cross rails on OEM roof rack,
Rear trailer hitch.

Extras I may include, front hidden hitch and factory fogs with bulbs. Set of new front axels. OEM air box. Factory Manual.

The engine runs great, uses less than a 1/2 quart of oil every 3,000mi.

Paint is decent on the body, plastic needs some touch up. Body is striaght with a minor ding here or there.

I'm asking $1,000 less than blue book for fair condition, $3,500
I'll offer it here first, than it's off to ebay and the local rag. I'll also run a Carfax for free for a serious buyer.

Pic's are here; http://www.msnusers.com/94JGCLimited
Jeep is located on L.I. N.Y
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