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thought I'd test the waters, I'm losing interest in my project that has taken way to long to complete. So it's time to move on and pay some bills.

05 Rockbuggy
1 7/8" main frame rails
1 5/8" Cage and braces
GM Dana 60 front 4.10 gears
GM 14 Bolt rear 4.10 gears
3.5 Oldsmobile Intregue (Shortstar) 270hp all aluminum engine with ONLY 4800kms on it since 2001
3spd Auto tranny
1980 CJ Dana 300 (short tail)
Warn XD9000I
Fox 2.0 Air Shox
RE joint/Poly bushing 4links front and rear
POR Full hydro steering setup
RCI seats
Leaf 4 point harnes's
B&M Shifter
Aluminum fuel cell
All new front brakes
44" TSL's with 95% tread and 15x10 steel wheels

A few things need to be finished before it can be wheeled:
Needs rear brakes
Gears, I have 5.13's for the front, just need some for the rear
Guages hooked up
Minor wiring
Front Drive shaft
It is running and driving at this point and I have put about 1 hours use on it in my feild. I have more fun building than driving.

I would hate to see it go after all the hours I have into it, but I have been to busy to finish it and I'm losing interest in the whole idea of trailering it everywhere I go.
I have a little over $10000 (Cdn) invested so I would like to get $10000 (Cdn) for it or I would consider a trade or part trade for a YJ or TJ. I am located in Ontario, Canada
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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