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I got contracted to outfit a H-1 Alpha that's getting shipped to Tibet and will be given to a employee of China Circuit Technology.
It's a corporation that makes printed circuit boards in China.

Aperantly the guy already makes too much money, acording th thier Communist controlled Government, so the corporation had to give him a "Perk" or a "Bonus" instead of a raise.

I dunno, I didn't ask too many questions.


I'm kinda disapointed I didn't really get too many good pics, but I'll share the ones I got.

List of things we did......
- Built a custom roof rack.
- Custom rear bumper with 16,500# Warn Winch.
- 7/16" Winch rope front and rear with my Aluminum Fairleads.
- In Cab front and rear winch controls.
- 2 Spare CTIS tires and wheels on the rack.
- 5 HID's across the rack and 2 LED's on the frnt bumper.
- Custom 1/4" aluminum skid plates throught the entire bottom of the rig.
- Custom Rock Sliders.
- 12" Lowrance Global Map 7200 GPS (Were working on getting the program written in Mandarin Chineese right now so the owner can read it)
- Really loud air horn (evidently horns are used ALOT there)
- Custom Snorkle.
- Back up camera.
- Centramatic wheel balancers.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff, it was a big job.

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That truck is already unloaded on china, it was posted on Chinese youtube a week ago being driven out of the container along with a few other exotics.

I can't find a link to it, I couldn't find it with English character search on you tube, someone posted a link to it on another hummer forum.

The last statistic I heard, is that 40% of h1's produced were exported, so that only leaves 6000 or so left in the US, provided they're all operational.
That's really cool info!
If it's possible to find the link you mentioned on the other forum and post it or PM it to me I'd appreciate it.

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The guy that's getting the vehicle in Tibet came to the states about a month ago.
He went to Vegas for a few days then came to my shop.
I took him, his 2 daughters and the rep for the company (interpreter) out to Hollister Hills and spent a few hours teaching him how to drive and operate the rig.
One of the first comments he made was "the stock horn's wimpy" (loosely translated). :laughing: $200,000.00 + rig and his first test and comment was about the horn.
It was pretty cool doing a project like this.
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