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Hey all - been a member awhile and I don't log in often, (and have never posted since I got this new name awhile back), but do peruse the forums and although most are much more hardcore than we are 'wheeling, I know one thing:

This forum is spectacular for maintenance information.

So I'm coming for help in locating a reliable rebuilder....the wife's '08 Liberty is having some transmission issues at 143k. Reverse slips backing uphill and starting to get a shudder in forward gears under light acceleration around the time the torque converter thinks about locking up.

Normally I'd just exchange the fluid, but with the reverse issue it's nagging me that this is something more serious; hence the rebuild thoughts.

Have gone the junkyard way before and don't want any part of that drama....like to keep the one we've got with some fresh internals.

So if anyone's got knowledge of a reliable trans place (or really good Jeep guy) within a couple hundred miles of Denver, do tell and thanks in advance!!
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