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My parts store is failing me trying to locate a gasket. appears to be leaking from the distributor housing where it bolts to the head? 95 1,6 16 valve. anyone know a part number for this preferably fel pro? thanks ryan

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Distributor O-ring Set:
USA data, some other markets have different distibutors.
8 Valve engine. ( was told this seal fits 16v but the Distributor side is a tad tight , so lube the ring, before install)
I measured only the 8v rings, and came up with this information:
Official Suzuki PN for these rings:
These SUZ EPC numbers were accurate in 2004, but as always, call Suzuki for any substitutions or revisions.

Years Disty shaft P/N Disty base housing pn.P/N commnets
89-91 8v 33278-52010 09280-56004 added today 11-19/11
92-95 8v 33278-85060 09280-56004 corrected error
92-95 16v 33278-60B40 11162-71C00
96-98 16v 33278-85060 11162-71C10 not sure what C10 gets you here?

GM/GEO EPC stated Base Oring size is 55.5mm x 1.9mm ! 89-93' 8v. ( up to 95, im sure') [exactly what I measured on a new seal, btw]
In addition, the 16v uses RTV sealant (O2 sensor safe) to seal the housing to the head . (seals the 16v rail) NO RTV ON ANY 8V housing !
See page xxxxx in FSM
This sealant goes on the hole (cam lifter rail) next to the big O-ring. FSM shows this clearly.
8 VALVE ENGINES: Distributor O-ring measuring and buying generic o-rings that fit.
The below data is for 8V ONLY !!: and is experimental ! but did fit my 8v and on 3 friends cars.
If you want o-rings that dont fail on the Distributor shaft end and on the base to head juncture:
Good LINK How to: (down to the finest detail , wow)

I measured only the 8v rings and bosses with micrometers and calipers, and came up with this information:
These below , are my best try are measuring and matching, so you can find a local supplier of o-rings.
Small seal , P/N# -035 (SAE std numbers is the suffix code nums) Distributor bottom shaft.

Large Seal P/N# -118 , main housing to head. (this are experiemental ( the material VITON , is prime) but I measured them, RED is factory GM spec)
VT75 -035 (Distributor base in inches , slightly larger od, by .065" ) they dont stock mm 55.5 x 1.9mm o-rings.
VT75- 118 ( Distrib. shaft my best fit by measuring shaft and o-ring. ) [ (7/8 ID X 1-1/16 OD X 3/32 W]

Prefix code denotes materal types:
Use prefix V75 ( Viton high temp. rings, will never fail !!!) 400 degr. rating. Great !

Cost about .25 to ,50 cents each. ( hard to believe , huh?) Now you know, where the Fleebay scalpers, get them. Rotten huh?
Best Source , at a real on line store, just add to cart: (no min. order, wow !)
Go to O-rings, inc, in LA. Calif.

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It is just an oring. Just pop the housing off, clean up the housing and head and put some RTV silicone on the old oring and housing and bolt it back on. That is what I do with them and they don't leak.
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