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Price drop to $12,500

Custom wheeler/buggy! Works amazingly well, extremely stable. No issues! Nothing needs work.
Roof is 5' 11" and belly is 20" on 43" tires, 105" wheel base.

*Built 22rp
*Headman Header
*GotPropane.com kit with two 5 gallon aluminum tanks mounted on back of buggy.
*K&N filter wrap
*Toyota 5 speed
*21 spline 2.28 crawl box
*23 spline Marlin Crawler 10* clocked adapter
*Marlin Crawler 4.7 gears in main case
*Main case 23 spline with Bobby Longs 4340 Chromoly ouput
*Front Range Off Road twin sticks

Front Axle:
*Dodge King Pin Dana 60 (77" wms to wms)
*Completely rebuilt axle by Fourplay Offroad, everything is new but the housing an
*Yukon Industrial Cut 7.17 gears
*Brand NEW ARP Steering Studs
*Sky Manufacturing high steer arms
*High steer arms mounted in double shear
*Yukon Grizzly Locker
*Yukon 35 spline chromoly inner and outer shafts w/ upgraded Spicer joints
*Yukon 35 spline chromoly super hubs
*1/2 ton brake kit from GNUBI on Pirate (all 4 disc brakes and calipers identical all 4 corners)
-Can run 15" wheels if you ever wanted to and no Caliper grinding required
*Solid Diff Cover
*Artec truss/hydro ram skid plate
*Toyota pinion flange
*Oil Filter Services SS brake lines
*Shaved 1/2"

Rear Axle:
*Dana 70B (75" wms to wms)
*35 spline full floater
*Completely rebuilt axle by Fourplay Offroad
*7.17 gears
*New 4.56 carrier welded up
*1/2 ton disc brake kit with Great Lakes Offroad brackets
*Ruff Stuff Specialties diff cover
*Off Road Components 4 link truss
*Toyota pinion flange
*Oil Filter Services brakelines
*Shaved 1"

*Front 3 link done by Off Road Components
*Trail Gear joints
*2" DOM .250 wall links
*Panhard with Ruff Stuff Specialties heims
*Rear double triangulated 4 link
*Trail Gear joints
*2" DOM .250 wall links
*Off Road Components rear 4 link truss
*Lots of custom shit. Works great NO SWAY BAR NEEDED!
*14" travel Fox Shocks all 4 corners
*Front axle suck down capable winch with in dash controls

*8" travel Trail Gear DE Ram
*Trail Gear Hi-Flow pump
*Trail Gear cooler setup
*Walker Evans orbital valve W/ manual flow recognition valve (can turn tires with motor off!)
*Sky hi-steer arms mounted in double shear

*43x14.50-16.5 Bias Ply SX Tires Custom hot knifed inner and outer lugs.
*Trail Worthy Fab double bead locks, 3.5" backspace, PVC inserts, Rock Rings, Powder Coated

~Chassis is a mixture of DOM and some HREW in non impact areas (few feet of Samurai frame under the seats forward to motor mounts, reinforced!)

*Rebuilt 8k Smittybuilt winch w/ 95' of Tuff Stuff Synthetic line
*GM 1 wire alternator
*Custom wiring harness, fuse box, dash, etc.. Done by Off Road Components
*Boat sides with Military plastic (slides great)
*Corbuea Racing buckets with 5 point harness for driver and 4 point for passenger
*Aluminum roof done by Off Road Components
*Expanded metal floor for visibility
*Flat Belly
*Fire Extinguisher mounted to tube with Drake Automotive mount
*LED tail lights/brake lights
*Rigid Industries LED lights front
*Chinese LEDs for rock lights and headlights
*Healights and rear running lights on toggle switch 1
*"Brights" on toggle switch 2
*Electric fan on toggle switch 3
*Rock lights on toggle switch 4
*Winch power on switch and toggle for sucking in/out winch cable
*Gauges in dash
*Dash, Cowl, Hood mts all made by Off Road Components
*Special Interest plates (Titled)...
*Plastic side skins (take scratches and dents better than aluminum, stays looking good longer)
*Rear Toyota driveline, heavy walled
*Front two piece driveline, heavy walled, Industrial Pillow Block instead of carrier bearing
*Red Top Optima
*Husky tool bag mounted behind propane tanks

Call or Text 503.539.2998


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Didn't know this thing was for sale. Good looking rig that seems to work great. Makes me wish I had extra to pick this up and wheel and ditch my build
Thanks man! You recognize it?

This is final price drop. I have a turbo and Reid Racing Knuckles that I am going to slap on and just keep it.

Just really wanting a single seater!

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Someone tell me... Is 13k really too much for this?

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Someone tell me... Is 13k really too much for this?
Only replying cuz you asked. I would never consider paying that kind of money for a Toyota powered rig, on propane nonetheless and with a manual trans. There are rigs comparably priced with real drivetrains in them. The only thing good/redeeming about Toyota stuff is when it was/is cheap. JMHO.

Cool lookin rig, I love Sammy buggy's.

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Turbo and knuckles going with the sale!?
If I get 13k I would include the Reid Racing Knuckles, 5th ARP stud for each high steer arm, the Reid Racing brass king pin bushings and the gotpropane.com turbo... All those parts equal $1100+ and are all brand new.
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