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12000lb Megawinch

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Does anyone know what the price is on a new 12000lb Megawinch? Thanks...........
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I didn't know they still made Megawinch :confused:
Yeah a new company took them over. They are hummers and all.
Megawench........never heard of them. Can you give me some info on them.:rolleyes:

Megawimp, 12,000 pound, ya right. The most pathetic, overrated (by the manufacture), slowest, wimpy pulling, amp hogging winch I have ever had the displeasure to be forced to use. And yes I have personal knowledge in its use, not “I heard about it from a friend” type stories.. If you have a chance to buy one, save your self the time and frustration, throw the cash down the shitter, and then spend some more on a current model (I like Warn, but wont start that war) Or just get your self the better winch to start with and use the now non wasted cash on the Wife, GF, SHMBO, or beadlocks…. Your choice.
Well here ya go. Seems that this Megawinch is doing just fine.

Read what is going on and how Megawinch uses this in their ad and video. So it is not a lie. It is a pulling contest with the 2 speed 12k worm gear MEGAWINCH.
jeverclr said:
Well here ya go. Seems that this Megawinch is doing just fine.

Read what is going on and how Megawinch uses this in their ad and video. So it is not a lie. It is a pulling contest with the 2 speed 12k worm gear MEGAWINCH.
Ok so that is some guys personal write up about his stuff.. Thats cool and all.. But where is the company? MegaWinch Headquarters in Portland, OR, I've done some quick searching and come up with nothing. You say MegaWinch is alive and doing well? where? advertised where? how much, and once again.. if it has not been redesigned (and that means better) that winch is best used as a chock block under your tires when changing a flat on a mall cruiser.
Heres some more, from a quick search I did, geez.




According to the last page, these winches were previously marketed under the Tensen name. They cant be too bad, as the Turtle expedition, who must have a good winch to survive, used them;



And, finally, and I quote from the below site,

"For anybody who is interested this what I have found out.
Tensen originally made a winch similar to the current Megawinch.
Megawinch bought them out. Megawinch carries some parts for them but is
not making anymore parts for them. The Megawinch company is still very
much in business making many differient winchs and winch
mounta/bumpers/pushbars. They focus primarily on the heavy industrial
use market and the worlwide military market. They have a lifetime
upgrade guarantee on there winches. That means anytime they change or
upgrade a winch model the older version can be upgraded for free. The
Megawinch is rated at 12,000lbs and they also make a 9,000lb version. I
will have a catalog from them soon to see what they have. They can be
contacted at

MW Worldwide
P.O.Box 13069
Portland Oregon. US

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liliysdad said:
Must have been one hell of a "quick " search, I found it first time I tried:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

, you can :rolleyes:all ya want.. I said quick and ment it.. I used MegaWinch and 12,000 and winch in the search , and hit nothing.

Looking at the site, I see very little info on the winch. No prices, no avalibilty, no specs.. But I'm sure it's the best thing out there, every body has one and according to the company selling it, "it can get you out of trouble" so it must be good.:p
I dont know if they are worth a shit, and really dont care, just showing that it wasnt too hard to find. I will buy a Ramsey , regardless of what I find on the megwimp, er, uh, .. winch.
I've seen all of TWO trucks running the Megawinch (Ed Fortson and Rob Sczepanik).

Every tow truck around has a Ramsey on it.

If you're looking for a worm drive winch, I'd say Ramsey is it.

If anyone finds prices for the Mega, post them here. I'd be interested to see what they go for. I bet it's $$$(or else you would see more of them)
I am really figuring this is a regional thing, mainly. Down here we have a winch called a Pierce, made by Pierce sales in Northern Texas (Henrietta??). Thes winches are extremely good, and decently priced, but everyone buys them because they are made locally. I assume it is the same kinda thing with the MegaWinch.

Anyone remember the Desert Dynamics Winches?
liliysdad said:
Anyone remember the Desert Dynamics Winches?
Yup....best fawking heavy duty winch I ever owned....ran it on my fj40 for 13 years....went with the 11" drum and 210' of cable...I even had the optional 12000lb gears for it but never used it....the 9000 was just perfect fo the cruiser And I only paid $369 for the total setup, this is when they were made in Victorville here in Ca., then finally sold it for $900 6 yrs ago....
We used to have the 9000 Desert Dynamics on the back of one of our flatbed trucks, ran a bale spike, and a set of gin poles, that winch was friggin awesome. The Pierce I mentioned are quite similar, if I remember correctly, but I havent seen a DD in a long time. I know the Pierce winches are fucking awesome.


Hmmmm, a guy here has a Pierce on his boom truck, 10K I think. It wouldn't pull a Toyota out. Granted it was totally buried. I think his battery was weak, but I was hooked to him with jumper cables. He ended up snatching it out.
Really? We used the 9000 on a gin truck, and we picked up stuff that you wouldnt believe, and the motor never grunted. Could just be a fluke.:confused:
Yeah, I think it probably needed rewound or something. You should see the rest of the truck LOL Definitely abused!
I think the 2-Speed Megawinch had the cool ad in the 80s, with the chick standing over it with huge boobies :D That means it's gotta be good!
A Megawench :laughing:

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