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Have a rear 14 bolt stock think 3.73 gears open diff but never opened it up to check. It was in my garage when my house burned downed so not sure what shape it is. I cant manually turn the drums or pinion but could be because the shoes melted in it. Best offer and bring a few guys to pick up and get into your car. If no one gets it it is going to the scrap yeard. I dont have a place to keep it anymore.

I also have 4 15x8 steel rims 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern. I think around 3.5 back spacing. there were tires on them but they burned off. same deal as above

have 5 15x7 steel rims 5 on 4.5 3 somthing backspaing same deal as above.

All the above stuff is locating about an hour east of san diego if interested we can setup a time to meet up there. I dont have any pics of anything.

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