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14FF Ubolt question

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IUm getting ready to bolt up the newly shaved 14FF to my J10. I know the old Ubolts will not be wide enough, so won't I need a wider plate for the top of the springs too? Im thinking that I won't be able to use the exsisting ones. And which ones and where can I get some for finishing up this projest? Thanks, Dennis
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Supergper said:
why will the old bolt not be wide enough??? did you change tubes also??? I think you should always change u-bolts but just pattern the new ones off the old ones...I also had some 5/8 ones made up for my 14 bolt...
Because he probably did not have a 14 Bolt in place before:rolleyes: I am sure a J10 did not come with a 14 bolt originally.
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