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15x8 Black Steel wheels 5x4.5

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Black Steel wheels 15" 5x4.5

Need a set of 4, will buy 5 if the price is right. Can get 4 for $160 from the 4wheel shop in Oklahoma City. Would like to buy from one of you guys if your price is lower. TIA
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I have 5 for $125. You definitely dont have to be scared about scratching them up, the guy who had them before me wheeled them pretty good. I ran them about 2 weeks before starting my axle swap. Shipping would kind of kill the deal, but in the off chance that you knew anyone going to be near Nashville in the next little while, well...I thought I would let you know I had them, just in case.
I have 5 American Racing aluminum 5 on 4.5 you can have for 100.00 three are scrached up from rocks one has a little chip at the lip (still more than enough to hold air and balance right) and one perfect new one.


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Interested in 15x10s I have a set of 5 I will sell for 120 to get money for christmas. They have minor schratches on the sides from rocks but they are straight.

I have four 15x7 black rock crawler type wheels $20.00 each so $80.00 for the set plus shipping. There is no damage/rust on the wheels. I can ship UPS today.

Call me if you want them 800-924-9732

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