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Have some wheels and tires available, prefer local pickup... email me for details/pics:

4 x Eagle Alloy 589 wheels, 16.5" x 8.25" (8x6.5 bolt, 4.75" backspace), have scratches/dings, but are solid/good condition. $75 each

2 x Eagle Alloy 589 wheels, same as above, but damaged; one cracked at bead, another with stripped lug holes... could be repaired for spare? either or both FREE with above wheels...

3 x Good Year Wrangler GSA 37"x12.5"x16.5" tires, 2 have 6-8/32nds tread, one has 4-6/32nds $110 each

4 x Super Swamper TSL/SX 38.5"x14.5"x16.5" tires, 2-4/32nds tread, side lugs still big and nasty. These have various grooves/sipes cut into them as well $50 each.

Also have a bunch of Hummer soft-top accessories, rollbar padding etc.

All items located on the seacoast in New Hampshire (zip 03801)
Email for details of pics, [email protected]
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