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16' car trailer $1500.00

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I am looking to sell my 16'x7' car trailer.
The trailer is aproximately 2 year's old with minor ding's and scratches.
It has dual 3500 pound axle's (one with brakes). The trailer is in pretty good condition and was used mainly to haul my quad's. Also has hideaway ramps.
I am selling the trailer cause I bought a new 20' inclosed toy hauler and don't have the room for it. It need's a new jack cause the old was bent.
$1500.00 FIRM

Located in Galt Ca 95632. 916-690-1312
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Very Interested

I'm in Elk Grove and am very interested in that trailer for hauling sami. Want to come check it out a.s.a.p. Would hope to pick up next week

SOLD!!! Thanks.
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