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Up for grabs is my flatfender trail rig. It's a very capable little machine. It needs a little love here and there, but nothing major. I'd take it anywhere today without hesitation. Only reason to sell it is that I have too many projects, and I'd like to see it being used instead if just sitting around.

Chevy 4.3 TBI V6

Ford NP435

Jeep Dana 20 with Teralow 3.15 : 1 gears and twin stick shifters

IH Scout Dana 44's with a lunchbox locker in the rear and an ARB in the front.


SOA with YJ leaves and anti-wrap bars at both ends.

Other goodies:

Onboard air via York compressor
Bucket seats and 4point belts
Roll cage made if 1 5/8 .120 DOM tied to the frame at 7 points

Tires are pretty old and they leak very slowly. I wanted to lower it a few inches and run a 33" or 35" tire. But, too many projects.

$5000 with a clean title and matching VIN plates
$4500 if I keep the title
Oak Creek, CO

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