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Picked up the cj5 on trade. Haven't been in the wheeling world for a while so I figured this was a sign it's time to get back in. Back of the frame had some sketchy work and rust going on so I cut it and decided to do a stretch while doing the repair. Currently swapping wagoneer 44's and looking to be close to a 100" wheel base if I can and will run 35's or 36's. Depending in what I find a deal on.
Question is: as is sits after the stretch, the tub would need to be comp cut to fit the tires. Rather that do that I would prefer to stretch the tub. In my opinion it looks cleaner and I will be driving this thing on the street some.

I am seeing some affordable cj6 and cj7 full corner guards and wondering if anyone has cut the tub behind the wheel well and then used the corner guards from a cj6 or cj7 as a guide to fill in the gap. Seems like this would be easier than cutting in front of the wheel well and the corner guard will cover up the old wheel well and the patch panel so I don't have to spend time making that all super pretty. Any thoughts ? GenRight makes the corner guards in thinking of
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