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Its going to be quite a bit of custom fab. You're looking at custom links (and all associated mounts for them) and the coil-overs themselves. Same as a rock buggy or most other coil-over vehicle here.

Given what its going to cost, do yourself a favor and pony up $20 for a red star here on this board. Then use the search functionality & start learning about 4-link suspensions, and the many debates about 4 links vs 5 links etc etc. If you do nothing but research for the next 3 months, you'll be in a better place for starting out with this project. Then start asking the specific questions you have...

If you're not willing to learn, do yourself a favor & contact a local 4x4 shop who'd love to take your money & build it for you.

Otherwise, you'll be flamed for asking the most general newbie-ish question...

- (just trying to be helpful) mike
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