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Hello people,
I just got a new project.It's a 1963 Willys.I am new to this kind of rig and i wonder if anyone could tell me how to install a coil over suspension system on that thing instead of the leaf springs.I'm hoping to have 38 to 40 ' tires,6.2 chevy diesel and anything else interesting you conaisseurs might propose.
I want it to be fun and above all,very capable on all kinds of terrains:smokin:
as I said before i'm accepting sugestions as to what to do with it.Please be ready to explain clearly what you think i should do and where you think i might be able to get the parts for it(I don't know much about these rigs and would not know where to get the dana 44 axles or those exotic bullet proof trannies you all rave about so much).So please help me out
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