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It ran great no smoke great oil pressure and didnt use oil or leak, my dad paid big $$ to rebuild it (about 50,000 miles ago acording to the sticker he put on his dash with the miles). So more resently one of the hydrolic lifters would get stuck colapsed and make noise just once in a while, (it was with NO DOUBTS a lifter) and I was to busy at the time to install the new cam and lifter set he bought, it is a(dual pattern tow and go) so the story continues one of the other mechanics I worked with at the time Chris installed the cam/ lifters. What he did not realize untill he was adjusting the valves was that no oil would come thru the push rods and rockers (it WAS NOT run a long time this way) after carefull inspection of the old cam and a few phone calls it turns out there is suposed to be a grove cut into the rear journal of the cam shaft on 1965 and 66 only motors (this supplys oil to the lifters/rockers only and dose not effect the bottom end of the engine)the new cam did not come with this grove and the cam needs to be removed and a grove cut into it.

So my dad sold me the truck and I had a built to the nutz 402 sitting around. So I just swaped out the motor figuring I would fix the 396 some day and have a good big block to work with. Problem is I have lots of projects and none of them have a big block in mind. :(

So if at the very least some one wants a VERY rebuildable engine or to just do what I wanted to and just fix the grove problem. the engin is priced like a good core cause I need the doe.

Some trades concidered I need a dual case for a yota right now I am located between Portland and Salem in Molalla OR. 503-829-9069 email [email protected] :D
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