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1966 land rover series 2a 109 3 door
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Hi all, new member here, always come to read the tech stuff from the outside when im in a pickle as i am in no way a great builder or mechanic, this is my first time doing something like this, thought id finally join and post a bit about the rig im building up.

It seems to upset the land rover people so cant post up on those forums haha.

Anyway! Started up as a 'going to do the minium to get it roadworthy and be done with it). That was 2 years ago, and ill show where i was and where im at now.

Ended up starting with a bare frame, and have built from there. Im running later fj40 axles with discs front and rear, fj60 power steering, a 2.0L BHW tdi from a vw passat, mated to an nv3550 gearbox, then to my rebuilt stock land rover series t case. Dual saddle fuel tanks with a selectable valve in the cab. Stage 2 tune, should make around 170hp and 310lbs of torque and 30ish mpg, quite a step up from the original motor that made around 50ish hp?

Other than that, im keeping the body stock, nothing crazy. Will be running 33x10.5 tires, its on parabolic springs so it sits a few inches higher than stock, but otherwise looks pretty normal.

I plan on this being a long distance truck i can take anywhere (depending on covid...) ill post some pics and will continue posting stuff as i go. Currently working on the exhaust system as of right now.


The truck when i first found it


Stripped in the backyard


Fresh frame, Motor and trans/t case in


Converted to power steering



Intercooler plumbing and engine bay


As she sits right now!

Excited to learn from all you guys as i go!

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