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The intake is in Central NJ and I am asking $800 for it
I only have the intake, no carbs or carb linkages
the thing looks brand new - the brown in the photos is oil - i coted it in it about 6 years ago when i bought it and double wrapped it in garbage bags to keep it clean
the 2 block off plates are not original apperently
the way they work is
winter - as they are
summer flip them and allows cool air to run under the intake
this will fit any olds big block, 400, 425, 455
it was designed for the 1965 old tornado, but never used on that car
olds then used about 1200 of them on 1966 olds 442 W30s with the L-69 option

I don't have much more info than that
it has been sitting in my mud room for 6-7 years doing nothing - the project car it was to go on was sold 2 years ago, so time for this to go.
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