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1967 F250 Switching old dana 44 to a 1979 dana 60

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Hello everyone, I'm new to this web site and I hope that someone can help we with some question that I have. First off I have a 1967 Ford F250 4X4 which has a Dana 44 closed knuckle under the front end and I would like to replace it with a Dana 60, bigger heaver and more up to date, I have been told and read that a 1978/79 front axle will fit my truck, so what I have found was a 1979 F250 all in one piece with a Dana 60 under the front end but looking at the pictures this Dana 60 has a dust cap on the end of the axle which leads me to believe that it may be from a Dodge truck, so my questions are if it is aDodge axle are they any good, will a Dodge Dana 60 fit under a 1979 Ford F250, and if it will, will that same axle fit my 1967 F250 and least but not least can the Dodge axle be fitted with manual lock outs.
Like I said I'm new to this and if i have asked to many question I do apologize, but any help would greatly be appreciated...
I will post pictures of my truck as soon as I figure out how to do that...:D
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