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What turned into an impulse buy was a project that I just don't have time for. I have work out of town, my current buggy, kids, house, etc. etc. that is just pulling me away from this project and I just don't have time for it. So, time to sell...

Vehicle: 67 Land Rover Series IIa 109, rare 4-door. Right hand drive.

Stock frame and axles. Engine was a Range Rover V8 that was poorly installed by the previous owner, so it along with the trans and transfer case were removed and discarded. Interior was hacked together so most of the interior was pulled apart and discarded so I could start with something new.

The plan was to remove all of the rusted floor and after a motor/trans/transfer case swap, reinstall new aluminum sheet metal and bulkhead/firewall.

I have already removed 90% of the old, rusted out floor and bulkhead. There remains some that may need to be modified for the transmission once its installed. Most of the old engine mounts have been removed. Most of the old wiring has been removed as it was in dire need of being replaced. The transmission cross member has been removed and frame all cleaned up.

This vehicle spent most of its life in Saudi Arabia and made its way to the US after the first Gulf War. It spent some time around Raleigh, NC and then moved on to VA, Roxboro, then to me.

What comes with the vehicle:

*Land rover body as-is on its frame with the stock land rover axles, wheels, tires.
*New period correct Land Rover turn signals
*take-out D44 front and rear axles from a grand wagoner (open, 3.54 radio)
*take-out 2003 5.3 LM7 with approx. 85k miles. Includes stock wiring harness. Missing water pump. no accessories or ECM.
*take-out Dana 300 transfercase in good condition with shifter.
*New GM 208 adapter from a TH350/700r4 that works with the D300
*New sealed bearing and double lip seal for the adapter to keep trans and transfer case fluids separate
*black vinyl classic Smittybuilt seats, high back with sliders (good shape)
*5 full sticks of 1 5/8" DOM tubing for a roll cage
*New, front bumper with integrated winch mount. Designed on AutoCAD specifically for this vehicle and CNC cut out of sheet metal. Ready to weld together.
*HMMWV 12V converted winch for use with the winch bumper
*Does not include the 700r4 transmission!

Everything individually is worth about $3800 not including the time it took to get it nearly ready for the install of the new engine/trans/transfercase. I'm sure there is something that I'm missing.

I do not have a title. I purchased it from a company in Roxboro, NC that purchased it from one of their employees years ago as part of a parting settlement and they never received a title, only a bill of sale. I received a bill of sale from the place that I purchased it from and also have the bill of sale from between the employee and company. I do have a very old registration card from VA so I know it was registered in the US and is legal. Some paperwork to the DMV should get you a title fairly easily.

I'll put it up at $3,500 OBO. located in Greenville, NC.

I may be able to help load and deliver depending on location and sales price. :D

I'd rather sell as a complete setup, but would be willing to separate if I have enough interest for everything individually.

Please send all contact to me at: rob.klinger.78 at gmail dot com

Please don't PM here as I don't get on here very much.

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