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Howdy Folks.
I figured I would show off my J3000 build here for anyone interested.
Nothing crazy going on here, but it's a cool old rig so I thought some of you might enjoy looking at it.

Anyways, what we have here started out as a dilapidated farm truck, and has turned into quite the yard ornament if I do say so myself.
Not a show pony by any means, but mechanically this is one of the better J-trucks out there.
Fuel system
  • 450 CFM Slayer Series by QFT
  • Factory Carter Mechanical Fuel Pump ( I like the reliability, but it leaves a little to be desired as far as how much volume it can push)
  • All new aluminum fuel lines with 2 inline filters
  • Polyurethane tank with new sending unit.
Axles / Brakes
  • Front is a Dana 44 closed knuckle with 3.73 gears. I swapped the front drum brakes out for a disk setup. Using caliper mounting brackets from Brennan's Garage along with the rotors, calipers and pads from a Chevy Tracker. Running 22" SS brake lines for a little bit of flex room.
  • Front Axle has been entirely rebuild with new carrier bearings, inner and outer axle seals, new U- Joints in the Axle Shafts.
  • Warn manual lockout hubs. This vehicle had Warn Loc-O-Matic hubs as a dealer add on, but I wasn't a fan of these. I still have them if anyone is interested.
  • Rear is a Dana 53 W/ factory Drum Setup. If anyone has a PowerLok carrier for this axle holler at me!
  • Also running a Wilwood proportioning valve, and all new hard lines.
  • New ball wipers, axle seals and felt liners. New kingpin bearings and shims added to account for lift
  • The power plant is an AMC / Kaiser 327.
  • 4 BBL intake manifold from a 66' AMC Marlin - This is quite the rare bird for you old school AMC fans
  • Oil pan gasket, valve cover gaskets have been replaced
  • Summit Street and Strip electronic spark box
  • New Plug Wires
  • Autolite Spark Plugs
Drive Train
  • Dana 20 Transfer Case
  • Borg-Warner T85 3-Speed W/O Overdrive (Helical Cut Gears)
  • Factory drive shafts with new U-Joints
  • 4" Hell Creek Suspension Lift
  • Rancho XL5000 Shocks
  • Leaf spring plates are from a CJ7
  • U-Bolts are from Michigan Truck and Spring
  • Rancho Steering Stabilizer
  • New drag link and tie rod ends with factory rods
  • ISO Power steering setup! Need a Saginaw PS gearbox, and a PS pump with mounting bracket for a 327
  • Doors, front quarter panels and 1 rear fender flare are off a J10
  • Tail caps and some of the patch panels are off a different first gen Gladiator
  • The rest of the trim and accessories are factory
  • Still in the process of finishing body work, but will have it painted within the next couple of months
  • Bench seat has been reupholstered in saddle leather along with the door panels (waiting for paint to install interior
  • Cherry Bomb extreme with 2" pipe front and rear
  • Bed and cab have been taken off to sand frame and paint with rust reformer.
  • Custom vacuum tree and plumbing so I can run direct manifold vacuum


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More pics


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I had a 69 J 2000 i realy liked it but i was ask to price it i wish i hadnt . Was 3.73 stock ? I thought all 3000 were 8 lug wheels. I would like to find another someday and redo it like you are.

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Nope. This one has 5 lug axles from the factory. Kaiser / AMC was nothing if not frugal, so it wouldn't surprise me if they alternated drive train components based on manufacturer surplus.
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