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I know i don't post often on this board, but it has helped me more than just a few times, hopefully i can find a good home for this truck
It hurts to have to do it, but i have no other choice. The price of keeping an old car running and trying to restore it while keeping it a daily driver isn't working on a college budget. If you have any questions about it let me know. Im asking 4500 with hard top only, or 4900 with the soft top included. Now for the specs

350/350/203 (the 203 does not have the part time kit in it, but needs to have it done. The front hubs however are converted so that you can lock unlock them manually.)
4" lift with 35" bfg all terrains. Im not sure on the brand of the lift but it rides fairly smooth. The wheels are made by mickey thompson, but are not in the greatest of condition.
The interior is in fairly good condition. I was told by a previous owner that the front seats were reapolstered along with the dash cover being redone. It didn't come with a rear seat, but i recently got a used one. It is not the same color as the rest of the interior and could probably use a reapolster job, but a seat cover would do the trick in the mean time.
I had the famous frame crack, and got it repaired at GMtruck center, but i did not put the bolt on frame support kit on because i had no intension of wheeling it any time soon.
I was told by a previous owner that the engine had been replaced with a new one about 50,000 miles before i got it, and i have put about 2-3000 on top of that. The exhaust is completely stock and should probably be replaced.
The body is in pretty good condition. Rust is very minimal and there was no fender trimming done, however because it has 35's with a 4 inch lift the tire rubbed on the right fender and did a little bit of damage at the bottom rear part of the front fender.
The front driveshaft also needs to be replaced. Both the CV and the slip yolk are starting to go bad and cause a vibration.
If you want any more pictures or information please feel free to ask.

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