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$12,000.00 Firm! AND HELL, MAYBE I WILL PART IT OUT! Let me know your thoughts. Sorry for long write up but hopefull it gives you a good discription of what you would be getting. I'm sure i missed a few things.
Nearly $40,000.00 Invested ( have receipts ) not including thousands of hours sourcing parts and fab work. Can deliver for a fee
I bought this project from my friend Ian in Jackson Hole last fall. Instead of re-writing his entire post I just copied and pasted it here. The following description is in his words. Everything is now in Hailey, Idaho. I own all of it with a clear Wyoming title in my name. Can send you pic if you like. I also have a lot more stuff to go with it that is not in this post. Tons of straight rust free body parts worth thousands.

I imported this Patrol from New Zealand in late 2002. It ran and drove when I got it. It took me many years to get a legitimate title but I was finally able to do that. I have a clean Wyoming title on the Patrol. I also have all the original importation docs. Once I got it titled I decided to do something with it. For me that was-is a resto mod, keeping it all Patrol but upgrading the entire powertrain, drivetrain and suspension. Everything (99% of it anyways) is from the 160-series Patrol or MQ/MK as it is known in Aus. This Patrol never came with an original bed, it came from Nissan as a cab & chassis. I do not have an original bed for it. FYI, there is only three known Utes-pickups n the USA, RiverPatrol has two of them and I have this one. There may be another 2-3 out there but they are not known to exist. They are pretty rare in most of the world, seems like NZ, Aus. and Saudi Arabia got the most of them with maybe Colombia right behind that. They were never "officially" sold in N. America.

All parts for this build have come from Nissan Japan, a few from Aus., a few from NZ and a few from Colombia, S.A. Listing all the Ute's stuff goes like this;

1977 Patrol Ute cab & chassis

-1983 SD33T turbo diesel engine, this is an inline-6, fully rebuilt from top to bottom. Injection pump has also been fully rebuilt and calibrated, new plungers and other parts in the IP directly from Nissan Japan. The engine was a factory non-turbo but I had it turbo'ed during rebuild, a high quality turbo rebuild kit from Australia was used. It was checked first to make sure the block has the oil jets on the pistons which it does. Every single part in the engine is new besides the crank and the cam shaft which got grinds. The turbo got a full rebuild as well as the injectors. Brand new from Japan Nissan oil pump and glow plugs. All new injection pump hard steel lines, from Japan and not cheap. Even the dump off the turbo is new from Nissan Japan. The early SD33 used a canister oil filter housing like the old 60-series Patrol has. I don't like this style because it is messy so the entire oil filter assembly was converted to that from a 1986 Patrol SD33T which uses spin on oil filters. I have a "stash" of NOS oil filters for the engine that should take it to 20,000+ miles easily. I have dumped about $10,000 into the engine. Engine has been fully painted.

-1986 5spd transmission. Fully rebuilt in 2007 including new synchro rings from Japan at a cost of $125 each!! Only put 1,000 miles max on this trans since rebuild. Works perfectly. Brand new shifter knob and trans shifter boot. New 4wd light switch in trans along with a new backup light switch. All new drain and fill plugs in the trans. Even the detent balls and springs were replaced. Transmission has been fully painted.

-1986 t-case. Fully rebuilt in 2007 along with the trans. Works perfectly. Lower low ratio than the old 60-series Patrol. All new drain and fill plugs in the t-case. New boot and shifter knob. T-case has been fully painted.

-Clutch is a Exedy Safari Tuff from Australia. It has max 1,000 miles on it. The clutch slave and master cylinders are also new. The flywheel is from a factory turbo diesel since the TD has a bigger flywheel. It has been surfaced and drilled to suit the big Aussie clutch. It is a really nice clutch that cost me $750.

-1986 front and rear PTO boxes!! Extremely rare and very very hard to obtain, I think I have the only ones in N. America. Complete and ready to go. New shifter knob on the rear PTO box. All shifter and linkage for front PTO box along with drive shafts. Both boxes fully rebuilt using parts from Japan. Good luck ever finding a rear PTO box available for purchase, in 25yrs of being into Patrols I have only found two, ever! PTO boxes are alloy so they have been polished and clear coated.

-160-series Patrol PTO winches!! x2!!! I planned to set the truck up with front & rear PTO winches. The front is fully rebuilt and has MasterPull synthetic line on it, 150ft of it. These are not "Koenig" PTO winches, these are the real deal that Nissan put on Patrols in Japan. They use the same free wheeling hub used on the front axle to engage the winches. Very cool feature because if you ever break a hub in the bush you can pull the one from one of the winches and off you go. In addition, the winches can be operated by hand by putting a large wrench on them and turning it. That is right, these PTO winches are very well designed.

-1986 Front & rear axles. This being a C200 front and a H233 rear. FYI, those numbers represent ring gear size in mm's. Both axles re-geared to 4.6 ratio and also both fully rebuilt, not just the outer axle rebuilt but the diff too. ARB air lockers for both axles. The rear axle has a disc brake conversion. The front axle has a custom high steer kit made by Yuri 4x4 in Australia. It also has Y60/GQ Patrol outer CVs and free wheeling hubs. The CVs Yuri prepared for me by tig welding a stainless steel ring onto them for increased strength. Both axles are fine spline and far stronger than the old 60-series Patrol axles. Front axle has a beefy 1/4" diff skid plate. Both axles have less than 1,000 miles on them.

-Brakes are disc at all four corners. It uses a 160/MQ/MK master vac which by the way is brand new from Japan and it also uses a Y60/GQ master cylinder. Brakes are in like new condition. E-brake is fully rebuilt using parts from Japan.

-Suspension is fully custom. For the front I used Rubicon Express 1444 SoA leaf springs. I frenched the hangers and shackles into the frame to keep it low, it worked well. All brackets used are from RuffStuff. For the rear I went coil springs with a triangulated 4-link. It has nice long lower control arms that are made from Chromoly. All links use Johnny Joints. The shocks are Fox 12" remote reservoir.

-Frame, the original Ute frame has been retained. It was sand blasted and then various things cut off it like motor mounts, trans cross member and so forth. I have plated the frame where I felt it should get buffed up with 3/16's and 1/8" cold rolled steel. I used weld through primer during this work. The engine mounts are the stock ones from my 1983 Patrol, I cut them out and welded them into the Ute's frame. The trans mounts are custom made by me using a rubber bushing in a sleeve. The frame has been extended in the back 12" because I was originally going to use 63" Chevy leaf springs.

-Cab and body, it is fairly rusty, mostly the roof. Being from NZ this truck was-is right hand drive. However I have all the parts to convert it to LHD using USA Patrol body parts. This includes x2 firewalls, one of which I have already modified for the build and I am using it for layout in the build, it is literally sitting on the Ute's frame right now and has been sand blasted. I also have x2 good fairly rust free roofs as well as several rust free and good radiator supports. All glass in the cab is good. Most of the rust is in the roof and windshield frame, oh ya I got a good rust free windshield frame too. There is a bit of rot in the fenders as well as some old bondo. I have at least one good if not two good hoods for it. I think I have some other body parts as well because I have parted out x2 1967 Patrols plus had other "stash" body parts for this project. A custom trans hump will need to be made due to this truck having the 5spd in it.

Steering is converted to left hand drive using a 160/MQ/MK Patrol steering box. It also uses the Yuri 4x4 high steer as well as beefy custom steering rods and joints. The high steer is a double sheer design for extra strength. All power steering from the 160-series Patrol. The front axle has a "cut & turn" performed on it to set caster at 4.5*. I have an NOS steering wheel that is brand new I have been saving for this project since 2004 when I found it at a dealership in Colombia, S.A.

That sums up most of it. This has been on ongoing project for me for over 5yrs. Longer if you consider all items for the build acquired over time. I have literally dumped tens of thousands of dollars into this project over the years as $$$ allowed. I have, like I said, nearly $10k in receipts for the engine build. The axles I have about $8,000 into and I have receipts. The trans & t-case I have roughly $4,000 into. The PTO boxes and winches I have an easy $3,000 into. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on NOS & OEM parts, most from Japan. I have many boxes with brand new parts in them for the build. There is very little if anything left to buy in terms of OEM or NOS parts. I have receipts and documentation on all this stuff. I have some 16" wheels and 34" tires I am using in the build that will be included. I have tons of spare parts like brake caliper rebuild kits, axle rebuild kits, NOS oil filters, front and rear axle shafts, complete spare and good 5spd trans with t-case and on and on and on.

Make no mistake this is a project! However, the hard work as well as the big bucks have been spent already. On top of that anybody would be pretty hard pressed to come up with all these parts in the USA. I have spent thousands of dollars importing this stuff over the years. The truck is being offered as a "roller" meaning it will be on it's own weight on axles and wheels and be able to roll around. I am unsure if I will have it running, pretty unlikely. The engine, trans, t-case and PTO boxes are already mounted in the frame. The front axle is under it and nearly finished and right now I am working on fitting the rear axle.

What is left to do!? Obviously the body and cab work as well as make a bed. I am not going to get to fitting a radiator or intercooler, just don't have time. Exhaust will need to be done. Fuel lines and brake lines will need to be done as well as a fuel tank. Wiring will need to be done, not much of that to do really as the motor is fully mechanical! I am not doing anything with the seats but I do have the originals, the stuffing and covers is long gone so just the seat frames. I am unsure if I will have drivelines finished up. I doubt the winches will be fitted. The frame will need to be painted or powder coated as well as the axles. The engine needs a new 12v starter and alternator to finish it 100%. There will be other little things to do here and there but that is about it.

I am including a full set of repair manuals for the engine and rest of the mechanicals including factory service updates. These are factory Nissan manuals. I also have and will include several parts books and guess what!? You can still get parts from Nissan for the powertrain and drivetrain. That is re-refreshing if you have tried to buy 60-series Patrol parts.


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