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1977 scout 2 cheap

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:eek: So i have to sell my project ........so here it is it is 1977 scout 2 hard top with a 304 to a 727 automatic w/manual shift kit in it to a 304 two barrel.....the suspension is dana 44 up front and corp 12 in the rear with waggy spring in front and 63" chevy in the rear. i have a ezlocker for the rear with new springs and pins also have limiting strape for frotn and rear (all three are not in yet but come with truck). Dr. Smash 6 point roll cage (need more supports added and bolt down). The body some what rough but not alot of rust spray painted dark blue with roll spray bright green..interoir is only two seater. The truck site on 35 inch baja claws less then a 1/4 "of tread

so here is the bad stuff or need to be finshed:

steering box leaks and need rebuild but stiil work
engine leak a lil oil not much
engine hates cold starts but after warm runs like a champ
all lights work expect rear running lights (brake lights do work)
only the amp gauge and fuel gauge work
only the drive seat belt work (broke the passenger putting on the top
also needs some sheet metal inside po or the po before the guy i bought it from cut out and had a cheesy s-10 roll bar in there

so there it is i don't want to sale but have to i am only asking 1600 or trade for 4 door? if u have any question or want to see it p.m or call me at 775-835-2422.......truck is in spark in front of my apartment
i try to find some but do not have a cam due to a punk stealing
tys jason
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am i asking to much?if so let me know ty jason
someone has to want it :D really it is a good truck
lower price 1600 just need the money for christmas and a dd
ok this is the lowest 1050 it need a good home so that it may be used instead of sitting
i will trade you a 74 super beetle:D
ok is that a joke or something or is that what my rigs is worth:confused: :flipoff2:
ok i need it goner so i can fix the jeep tranny if it sell by tuesday the price is $800:flipoff2:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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