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1978 406, thinking of selling?? worth??

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A few years ago I took this on trade for a demolition job we did, had big plans for it at the time lol. I put a set of Michelins on it and played with it on and off for a year or two. I have to many other projects to keep this thing around and was wandering just how much they are going for now.

It is 78 model 406, six cylinder diesel, and I am not sure about how many gears it has I know there are a bunch forward and reverse. Air lockers front and rear, disc brakes front and rear, pto front and rear. every thing works good on this rig, the cab is in great shape and the frame is free of any rust.

What all do i need to describe about a Unimog if I where to Ebay it?

these are the only two pictures I have of it on the computer at this moment but I am going to take many more detailed pics as soon as I get home when it is still daylight lol

I appreciate any info and help you Mog experts can give me on this because I have been around chevys and CJs all my life and dont know much about the Mog other than it is cool as hell to have the only one around.

Thanks Rodney

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well it looks to me to be a Case Mog that has been worked hard. Lot of rust, lotssssss of repair due to rust needed. Low ball park price about 10 grand?? Von can give you more input than I can though.
...the cab is in great shape and the frame is free of any rust...
Uhh, your definition of the cab being in great shape must be quite different than most peoples. I see the hood pretty fucked, corners rusted, etc. I'm not saying it's not fixable but it's a stretch to call it in great shape.
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