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THE BAD PART: Blown head gasket. Went out this past Saturday (6/21/08). Ran and drove fine up to this point.

1979 F-250 2wd. 390, 4 speed w/ granny 1st (believe to be NP435 but haven't confirmed), Full Floating Dana 60 rear (not sure on the gears). Recently replaced starter, solenoid, and radiator. 33" BFG All-Terrains on wagon wheels; bald in the rear but 50% in the front. All glass in place with no cracks. A few baseball sized dents but otherwise straight sheetmetal. Solid floors.

Shifts into and drives in all gears with no problems, no grinding, clutch engages smoothly. Drove fine up to 55 mph but I avoided the highway with it, so above that, not sure. Inspected and registered through August.

MUST be picked up in San Marcos, TX. Exit 206 on I-35 near Texas State University. $800, negotiable, cash or cashier's check.
(210) 863-7563
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