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1979 J10 pickup truck. Truck was restored by a guy in North Carolina. My dad drove it from Charlotte to his home in Kentucky when he bought it. I believe dad paid $12,500 for it in 2007.

Chevy 327 with 4 barrell Holley Carb, 3 speed manual transmission (rebuilt in 2003), and painted in 2006.

The history of this truck as I know it: My dad bought this to replace his original J10 pickup truck in 2007. He just wanted something cool to drive around. He ended up only driving it about once every 2 weeks or so.

He ended up selling it to me a couple years ago because he was downsizing. I drove it for fun every couple weeks or so. Then, I got a 4 door JK and I have a 16 month old now. So, just having a 2 door truck just for kicks is wasting it's use.

I will tell you the bad on this truck
. A couple days after I bought it off dad I went to Home Depot and parked about 100 feet away from anyone. I was still in the "Proud of my new to me truck" phase. Anyway, when I walk out someone had been so courteous to let a flat bed cart roll into the passenger door. So, there is a small dent in the door and the paint is chipped there.

Anyway. I work tomorrow, but I'd be happy to meet someone after that with it so they can take a look. I work in North Knoxville. I live in Powell about a mile outside of Knoxville city limits.

Asking $10,500. Make an offer.

Thanks, and I'll take more pics and be happy to text them to anyone.

One pic for now.

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