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I have a 1981 pickup for sale......

The Good...
It has a few good parts, a good tranny (L50 5 speed), 3 inch body lift, good pass fender, good doors (driver is dented in but could either be punched out OR great donors for half doors) has the whole air conditioning unit (everything), has a good gas tank, rear window is in GREAT condition, all the heater stuff is still there. It has not been registered since Dec of 06, is on non op BUT it does have a good clean title.

The bad....
It does NOT have a transfer case, rear or front end, gauge cluster, motor (has a 22r in it but has 2 rods through the block BUT the intake carb P/S pump, head with no cam are there though) exhaust, shocks, leaf springs basically a lot of stuff. Front window is cracked, hood is smashed, driver fender is smashed, the bed is trashed, tail gate is alright, no front grill, the frame is cracked near where the steering box was, no seats, no power steering box or lines....ummm thats all i can think of right now.

Its either all or nothing. Will not take parts off. If you want just the tranny then you have to take the whole truck... Im sure you could even make money off of it by taking it to the scrap yard.

Make Offer

Located in Chico CA 95973

If you would like more info please contact me via email: [email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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