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Redlands, CA. $5500

1982 Jamboree edition CJ-7, number 344. Used as daily driver this past year, but got a closer job and don't need it for commuting anymore.
Pics at http://360.yahoo.com/Jamboree0344

-258 I6 ~240k miles on it.
-T5 tranny
-4" lift
-4.10 gears
-Detroit rear
-Lockright front
-Heavy-duty rear axleshafts (Superior, iirc--installed a couple years ago when I had the rear AMC20 axle rebuilt)
-Filled rear driveshaft
-YJ brake booster
-new bellcrank and clutch linkage

-Just failed smog, but I will be retesting it soon.
-Has the typical 258 oil leak at the rear main, but it's gotten worse recently.
-Turn signals quit working on my last outing in the dirt a few months ago.
-I have a dropped pitman arm I never put on owing to never getting the original one off.
-fuel gauge not working
-speedometer not working (I disconnected it when I put in a new bellhousing a couple years ago, reconnected it and hasn't worked since)
-emergency brake needs adjusting
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