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Unfortunately I've gotten to a point where I cant keep this truck any longer. I just graduated HS and i need to start thinking about next year. I cant afford the gas during my freshman year so I need to find something with better mpg. I've put tons of work into this truck over the last 6 months and the work alone totals up to about $4-5000. Includes a full cage , soft top, full custom aluminum dash and switch panel, seats/harnesses etc but there is still some work to be done before I sell it. Things like wiring the gauges and building the spare tire mount and plumbing the heater but this will all be done before it is sold. This is a great truck and has never failed me so if you're interested send me an email or PM and I'll give you some more info and more photos. Would make a great trail truck with some more mods but I have used it as both a DD and offroad truck for the past couple years so either one is fine. Located in Riverside, CA. Asking $3500

email: [email protected]

Dillon M.

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