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I have for sale one 1983 Toyota 4x4 pickup. It has a 1981 frame with a 1983 cab, have titles for both frame and cab.

Heres whats on the truck!

1983 Toyota 4x4 pick
4.3L V6 out of a 1990 S10 (chipped ECM, aftermarket wiring harness)
TH350 automatic transmission
3.90 gearing (was running V8)
Advanced adapters headers
cherry bomb turbo mufflers
Toyota transfer case
36x14.50-15 TSL radials on 15x10 steel wheels (about 30%)
1 36x12.50-15 TSL/SX spare with 15x10 steel wheel (brand new)
14" stroke bilstein shocks on all 4 corners
lift springs and shackles in rear with add-a-leaf
6 leaf rears up front
drop hanger up front, front axle moved forward about 3"
5.5" eye-to-eye marlin shackles in front ("wide body" style)
Marlin hi-steer
power steering
square front drive line
Lokar shifter (brand new)
Tube flat bed
100% aluminum radiator (two 1" cores) (brand new)
3200cfm 18" electric fan with electric thermostat
B&M tranny cooler
Welded rear end
Full detroit locker in front
Holley performance fuel pump (15 PSI, brand new in box)
30 gal fuel tank
Optima red top!
Marlin 14" shock hoops

Extra parts not on truck!

3 extra carriers (I think I have three, all 3.90 gearing)
63" chevy springs (to convert rear)
Turbo 350 standard depth tranny pan (brand new in box)
Cool Flex tranny cooler with fan (brand new in box)
SR5 guage cluster
Complete marlin knuckle rebuild kit (both sides) (brand new in box)
Extra front axle housing (empty)
Lokar style flexible dipstick for tranny. (brand new)
Extra blower motor and heater core
DEI car alarm!

Heres what you will need to do to get this thing running.

1. Wire cab and hook up harness for motor
2. install thermostat for fan
3. Mount fuel pump and run lines
4. mount gas tank.
5. finish welding motor mounts.
6. fasten down bucket seats
7. fab hose for upper radiator hose.
8. hook up heater hoses (optional i guess)
9. install new kickdown cable. I forgot to disconect when I pulled the 350 out

The plating on the tube bed isnt finished yet but I will give you enough steel to get the job done. I will continue to work on getting this project done, the closer I get to being done the higher the price will be! I've spent well over what I'm asking on this truck! Very capable wheeler! I was planning on turning the knuckles and perches on the extra front housing 12º to fix the drive line angle in the front. I can still have this done if you wish.

I bought a jeep and the wife is forcing sale of this and my 1995 chev 1/2ton. They need to go.

If you need more pictures ASK, i will take pictures of every square foot if need be!

I've only put 1200 miles on this truck in the last 5 years I've had it!!!

$4000.00 clean title

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