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1983 Toyota 4x4 Bobbed Pickup - $2500 - Milpitas, CA

OHV green stickered and current title, registration.

The goods:

- All-Pro Super Flex Springs front and rear, military wrap, new bushings all around.
- Marlin HD Shackles front and rear.
- Marlin Dual Transfer Cases 88:1 low range.
- Locked front and rear.
- Almost new TSL/SXs 36" on RockCrawler chrome wheels & brand new spare TSL/SX Swamper.
- ProComp Shocks
- Marlin Dual Case Skidplate / Crossmember
- Bay Area Driveline super long travel front driveshaft.
- Bay Area Driveline rear driveshaft.
- Brand new Warn Hubs ( have old Aisin for spares)
- Spare Birfield.

- Now different from pics slightly, no doors, no glass. Outer fender skins removed, inners still there...looks better now, and cooler inside with more ventilation.

- 22R Strong motor, good trans and new clutch.
- Long tube header.
- New exhaust and muffler, no cat. (OHV remember)
- Smog removed, runs like a champ.
- Good seats, no tears.
- Bobbed bed to the rear shackle hangers.
- Smitty Built Rollbar and bumpers front and rear.

This rig is ready to wheel, turn key, ready to go!

Latest pics here! Click Toyota 8.19.07 folder...

Call 408-205-9179 $2500
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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