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1983 Toyota 4x4 pickup rockcrawler - located near seattle WA

starting price is $5k, but will entertain offers. i’ve probably put in over $11k into it at this point.

**NOW ASKING $4500**

I hate to sell my rig, but i haven’t really wheeled it in many years, i moved up from southern california with this thing 5 years ago, and I used to frequent the many rock trails down there (johnson valley/hammers, truckhaven, mojave desert, etc), but haven’t had the time/money/interest to get into wheeling up here, i drive it occasionally to make sure everything is in proper order, or when i need to get around when there’s 2ft of snow on the ground, but no serious road or trail miles in the past 5 years. I need the cash more than i need the truck, so it’s time to sell! I’ve owned it since 2001, and have replaced or upgraded almost everything on it since then.

- rebuilt 22r with approximately 30k miles
- replacement carburetor
- most of the engine accessories have been replaced or rebuilt in recent years, (starter, alternator, power steering pump, etc)
- lc engineering header and replaced entire exaust.
- heavy duty clutch and pressure plate
- rebuilt 5speed transmission with 20k miles
- marlin crawler mc08 billet dual case adapter with rebuilt reduction box (with stock 2.28 gear ratio) for extra-low gearing.
- budbuilt low profile, dual case crossmember with skid plate
- twin stick on the rear case to select 4wd seperate from hi-lo. allowing 2wd lo gear
- heavy wall rear driveshaft (from hi-angle driveline).
- heavy wall square tube, long slip front driveshaft (decently balanced, can run up to 45mph or so in 4wd without too much vibrations)
- 5.29 gears front and rear
- detroit auto-locker in rear
- lock-rite auto-locker in front.
- longfield birfields with cromo inner axles in the front axle.
- alcan 3” lift spings in the front, 2” longer shackle in the rear.
- sky manufacturing hi-steer crossover steering.
- new 36” super swamper IROK radials (less than 500 street miles, and 0 off-road miles) on 15” steel rims
- home brewed steel rock sliders.
- 1.75” DOM in-cab roll cage
- removable doors.

- the body is in rough shape. fenders were replaced relatively recently, so they’re in good shape, and body is straight enough that the doors close, and tailgate works.
- the top is removable with a convertible kit, which is awesome in the summer, but not so great in the winter, needs some replacement weather sealant to make it leak less.
- interior has all been stripped out, seats were replaced with seats out of an MR2, which means they’re pretty low, and not so good shape, ideally these seats should be replaced with truck seats, or aftermarket racing seats and a 5-point harness with mounts integrated into the cage. (i’ve not had the $ to spend to do this myself)
- both driver and passenger side windows are broken.
- the old 35” BFG’s had just enough clearance to not really rub when flexed out or turning, but the bigger, wider IROKs mean it rubs a bit more.

Also included is every spare part i own that you want, including all the parts to convert this thing to EFI if you want. (EFI intake, sensors, wiring, ECU’s, etc..) (carb runs so good i never bothered with this), also spare set of birfields, 35" spare tire, stock set of inner axles, and a few other misc parts

runs great, even passed smog test last time i needed to, carb is tuned well, starts every time, runs without missing a beat.

as you can tell, the drivetrain is the hi-light of this rig, it’s built to be a tough, reliable, and capable wheeler, it’s not a show truck. i’ve used it as a daily driver in the past, and it can do that, but not exactly comfortable. the roof line leaks a bit where the top comes off, but the heater works well enough to stay warm. the interior looks like crap, but it’s functional, and thats what matters for a wheeler. or replace the cab, and you’ve got yourself something pretty awesome.

located in Burien, WA, (a few miles from seatac airport). you can come here and see it/drive it/buy it. pm with questions or for an appointment.

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