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I just modified my FJ and did a shakle reversal on the front axle. Saginaw gearbox powersteering, new bumper ect. Thought everything was good to go. Not sure how I did it, but my shakle angle is way off when the weight of the vehicle is down off my hoist. I know I didn't have a bumper or steering box on the vehicle at the time when I did my measurements.

Look at the picture and let me know if I am wrong.....Do I need to move the mount back 3-4 inches to correct this. I would take any other suggestions. Kind of frustrated because I thought it was good to go today.

Okay, nevermind a picture. Can't figure out how to post a picture right now.

frame mount sets ahead of eye on spring. Spring is touching mount.

Imagine a backwords Z flattened.
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