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i am located in north alabama
it is a 84 jeep grand wagoneer. it has roughly 7" lift (3" body, 4 suspension), it has the one piece axle amc 20 (welded), and an open dana 44 up front. drivetrain was swapped by previous owner, and it is full dodge swap (318, a727, np208). it has almost new (%90) 33x13.50/15 super swamper TSL's on some steel wheels. interior is in great shape. i have swapped in a dual core griffin aluminum radiator and electric fan.
the bad:
divers side motor mount pad needs to be welded down. tranny shift rods are fubar'd (i have a hurst pro-matic with cable and lever that go with the jeep), and the tranny slips just a little (i think its just REALLY old and aerated tranny fluid, it ran fine one night all night long, and then started slipping the next morning as soon as it was started). the rear windows are off track, it has no title, and its painted camoflauge.

the good:
lifted, new 33" tsl's, very stout front bumper, welded rear, 4wd works flawlessly, nice interior, new starter, GM alternator, new starting/charging system wiring (heavy gauge). dual exhaust with glasspacks (not too loud but has a good note) great trail rig, or try to get title (i can possibly get it), or great parts jeep.

call 256-553-7581 or email [email protected]

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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