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1984 sr5 4x4 fuel filter???

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im haveing trouble finding my fuel filter on my 84 toyota 4x4, i have a chiltons manual and i shows everything from the 70 to 88 toyotas and has bad pictures and sometime none so i was wondering if someone has a picture of where it located or can assist me in some more help finding it. thanks ryan
also i cant seem to find the search button im trying to search thru the site but cant find search function.
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If its Carbed, next to the gas tank....follow the lines, next to the rail. Lay under the truck & you will see it there.
If its an early EFI then under the intake manifold on the pass side of the motor.
yeah its carbed and ill look again by the gass tank, thanks
its behind/mounted to the bed support post

You will have to look up alongside the bed below the filler neck. It's not in front of the tank on the frame. It's on top of the frame on the front of the bed support in front of the pass side rear tire.
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