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This is a bit of a project truck. Bought it to fix or for parts and neither is looking real good due to time at the moment. It has water in the oil and is not driveable for any distance as is. The previous owner said it got real hot right after installing a rebuilt head. There is evidence of water in the oil by looking in the radiator. It does start and run ok and I drove it on and off of a trailer without incident. It has 140K on it via the OD reading. The truck is an early 84 model. You can clearly see the bed and other issues with the cosmetics. It would be a good wheeler build.

The cab is solid, the title is clear in my name and the tags are current.

The truck is located 90 miles east of Medford, OREGON , near Crater Lake. Delivery is possible if that helps you out.

Price: $1175


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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