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Selling my 1985 4Runner SR5. Last year of the solid axle Toyotas.

$9000 OBO Located in North Bay Area, California

Fresh rebuilt 22RE by Yotaman, new water pump, alternator, starter, etc.
5 spd, new clutch, t/o bearing, pilot bearing
Marlin Crawler gear
Marlin Hy Steer
Alcan Springs
4:88s, Detroit Rear, Trutrac front
Rancho 9000s
custom front bumper, brand new Warn 8K winch
new Big O XT 33" tires, less than 5K on them, black rock crawler rims

I built this truck a few years ago, it is trail ready.
Unfortunately, I did kiss a tree on Thompson Hill, Dusy Ershim

Poor quality photos to fit size requirements:

Contact Tony Twiddy for more photos, questions, offers.
[email protected] or PM

no star, so PM for photos... or see

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thanks for the bump noob.

but valid point, where did that number come from? (all these items are estimated well below cost of new except crawler gear @ 5 bills)

base truck, 1985 SR5 model with all the factory options (all electric, sun roof, etc) cheap at 2500. Complete, intact and all systems functioning.
Rebuilt engine with all new components done by professional 2000.
Alcan springs 500.
5 Tires and rims 750.
Hy steer/IFS box 500.
shocks/spring shackles/bushings 250.
crawler gear 500. (that might be a tad high)
4:88 diffs/lockers 500.
Warn winch/front bumper 1000. (can remove if anyone does not want)
There you have 8500 which does not include:
all new brakes including master
full front axle rebuild, new bearings and Marlin seals, and longfields
Rocker panel protection
New clutch and clutch components
excellent stereo and sound system

These are not actual costs, of course they cost me much more, but I believe the numbers posted are reasonable value for the used items listed.

The engine has less than 500 miles, and the tires have less than 5000 miles.

this truck is ready to go. It cruises nicely at 70, has power to climb the grades and has about 90 to 1 crawl ratio with the single crawler and 4:88s.


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ttt for a nice sounding rig. FWIW The price seems like a good deal. I had several offers on a 85 runner with 180k on the original motor. had very similar components. Only differance were to lockers, mine had arb's f/r. Sold mine for $8700.
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