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1985 Jeep CJ-7. I have been using it for rock crawling and it works great.It has a 4inch suspension lift, 36-13.5-R16 Super Swamper IROC tires, Full roll cage, removable hunting/camping rack, 2 brand new Corbeau Baja suspension seats with brand new G-Force harnesses, and a custom bed box with drawers. The running gear is a Straight six cylinder motor, T18 Ford 4speed tranny with granny low first gear, Tera Low gear in transfer case, The motor runs good and the tranny shifts good, Spooled Dana 44 in the rear, and a Spooled Dana 30 in the front. It currently does not pass smog due to missing smog equipment that i did not replace when i put on the aftermarket carbeurator. This rig is NOT currently streetable.
I dont think the image upload worked so if you want pics just email me i will get them to you within a day.
To contact me Call me @ (805)391-3369 OR [email protected] OR reply to this message
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